Deferred Members

You are a deferred member if you were vested (i.e. contributed to the Plan for at least two years) when you terminated employment with a participating employer. In other words, you are no longer contributing to the TPP but you still have assets in the Plan.

As a deferred member, it is important for you to keep the Pensions and Benefits Office up-to-date with your address. Please contact us if your address has changed.

See Terminating Before Retirement for more information regarding your deferred pension.

Did You Know?

  • It is your responsibility to contact the Pensions and Benefits Office to make application to begin drawing your deferred pension when you are eligible to do so.
  • The value of your deferred pension benefit will be increased annually in line with the indexation awarded to pensioners. This adjustment is awarded from the date of termination to the date your pension commences.

  • It is not when the deferred pension commences to be paid that determines which early retirement reduction rule will apply, rather it is when the service was rendered that will determine the reduction treatment.